Half Moon

by Half Moon

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thanks to : cafe berlin, pizza tree, enemy airship, ripped genes, hitt records, dismal niche, nevada greene, smoke seeker, trivia night, bicycle tricycle, pdm, gay house, cameron frye, all our friends in como and in the universe,

special thanks to all of our fans and support


released December 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Half Moon Columbia, Missouri

Jimmie Atchley
Em Downing

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Track Name: Once Or Twice
say goodbye to your friends
you'll make new ones next week
come on, jim pack your things
it's time to leave
this happens once or twice a year
at least
every year of my life
it's always steady

i'm moving again
Track Name: The Way You Want It
im not dreaming
this is my life
oh now now darling i'm doing just fine
and now i know where i want to be
soak in that sunlight and feel complete

you know i tried to make you feel right
well baby it doesnt work out how you'd like
so i guess its time to leave me behind
Track Name: Brush It Off
wouldn’t you say you hurt me
would you tell me brush it off
would you say i hurt you
play the victim or play it tough

fall into eyes that want you
don’t let me be alone

do you think you’d come back again
or do you think you’d run
will you deny my existence
would you tell a lie

fall into eyes that want you
don’t let me be alone
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes i wake up sad as hell
and sometimes you know i get mad as well
and ill go to sleep without desert
because thats what i think that i deserve
and sometimes you hold my body tight
and sometimes you make me feel alright

it all goes passing by me
dont try to find me
when im lost ill be waiting for you
Track Name: The Space Between Two Things
you make fun of me
for help i truly need
i gave you all my love
but you never gave a fuck

and now im alone
and now im stuck in stone

so please don't waste my time
if you want to be mine
i told you what i need
but you still chose to leave

and now i am stoned
and now i'm all alone

i know what you must think
it's always about me
the space between two things
it makes me wanna bleed

but now i will subside
cause you are on fire
Track Name: Scum
the space between two things
makes me bleed
and i know i'm scum
the bottom of the barrel

i'm no fun.